When the accuracy is over 20 metres these functions are disabled.

This compendium uses the device location services, the compass and the motion detector.
For it to work the settings must allow them to be used.

Function help

The ping function allows you to set a datum point and then show the range and bearing from that point.
The range may be in either metres or nautical miles.
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This shows the range and bearing to a selected Solent racing mark as well as the current ground speed and course
It also shows the velocity towards that mark and the estimated time of arrival there.
Lay Line
A compass rose is displayed together with the bearing straight ahead, the reciprocal astern, and the cross bearings to help position a starting mark.
Pressing the Lock button locks the compass or frees the compass. The Manual button disables the compass and allows the compass rose to be rotated by dragging it round. Plus and Minus buttons are shown to allow the brearing to be adjusted a degree at a time. This function can be used in conjunction with the Bearing function as they share the compass bearing and lock status.
This uses the camera with the built in compass to act as a hand bearing compass.
There is an artificial horizon to help ensure that the device is vertical in both planes, as this affects the accuracy of the bearing.
Pressing on the Lock indication in the artificial horizon locks the compass, and changes the colour of the index line from red to yellow as well as the colour of the horizon box.
This may be used in both portrait and landscape modes and the screen may be zoomed out and in by pinch gestures.
The locked bearing may be passed back to the Lay Line function.
Shows the current Latitude and Longitude provided that the accuracy is less than 20 metres.
Displays these instructions.