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Set the Race Parameters

High Water Time 1 Height
High Water Time 2 Height
Wind direction ° Wind Speed(Knots)
Class Name Start Time
Target Rating Performance Profile
Committee Boat Lat Longitude
Chart type Initial Course Area
Course set
Show WSC and RSrn Marks? Show Mark Labels ?
Show Cowes Week Marks Show Gridlines?


Initial Form

There is no need to fill in anything on this form! Just click the "Set Course" button and go ahead setting a course.
The form allows the software to help set courses that allow for the tide and wind, as well as predict how long any particular race will take.
All the times may be filled in as four digit numbers, like 1030, or with separators between the hours and minutes, like 10:30 or 10.30
The committee boat position is in the format dd:mm.mm, with a colon separating the degrees from the minutes.
If more than one class is to be set a course, the name of that class should be entered, so that the classes can be distinguished.

The Chart

This is a stylistic representation, and not to be used for navigation. The depth contours are marked Olive for drying areas, blue for areas within the 2 metre contour and lavender within the 10 metre contour. Deeper water is left white
The special controls are in a box at the top left of the screen, and the coordinates of the mouse are shown here.
As the mouse is moved (without clicking) over a mark the name and code designation of that mark show in an information pop-up.

The screen controls are:

Mark Code Description
Latitude Longitude
Mark Code Description
Origin Mark       Leg Time (mins)
Latitude Longitude